Dr. Manoj M. Lalu MD, PhD, FRCPC


Dr. Manoj M. Lalu MD, PhD, FRCPC
Clinical Scholar

Dr. Manoj M. Lalu



Duration Appointment
2014 - present Clinical Scholar

Honours and awards

Year Honour/Award
2014 - Present Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Research Fellowship Award
2013 Canadian Anesthesia Society Resident Research Award
2013 Physician's Services Incorporated Resident Research Grant

Selected Publications

  1. Lalu MM, Fayad A, Ahmed O, Bryson GL, Fergusson DA, Barron CC, Sullivan P, Thompson C. Ultrasound-guided subclavian vein catheterization: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Critical Care Medicine. 43(7):1498-1507.
  2. Lalu MM, Moher D, Marshall J, Fergusson D, Mei SH, Macleod M, Griffin G, Turgeon AF, Rudnicki M, Fishman J, Avey MT, Skidmore B, Grimshaw JM, Stewart DJ, Singh K, McIntyre. Efficacy and safety of mesenchymal stromal cells in preclinical animal models of acute lung injury. Systematic Reviews. 2 (1):48; 2014.
  3. Lalu MM, Barron CC, McIntyre L, Stewart DJ. Adult stem cells: potential implications for perioperative medicine. Canadian Journal of Anesthesiology. 61(4): 299-305; 2014.
  4. Lalu MM, McIntyre L, Pugliese C, Fergusson D, Winston BW, Marshall JC, Granton, J, Stewart DJ and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Safety of cell therapy with mesenchymal stromal cells (SafeCell): a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials. PLoS ONE. 7(10):e47559; 2012.

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Fields of Interest

  • Stem cell therapy for perioperative medicine and critical illness
  • Reducing risk of bias and improving reporting in preclinical science
  • Preclinical and clinical systematic reviews
  • The effect of intermediate care units (step down units) on patient outcomes and resource utilization
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