Special Students

Courses Open to Special Students: Spring/Summer 2017

Registration will take place starting April 20, 2017 You may consult the course timetable.

Please read the Registration Procedures below carefully; these have been modified for the Winter 2017 session.

Definition of Special Student (Undergraduate)

Special students are persons allowed by the University to register for undergraduate courses, for credit or as auditors, without seeking a degree, diploma or a certificate from the University.

Please visit the special student page for additional information regarding:

  • Admission requirements
  • Special student categories
  • Restrictions
  • General regulations
  • Registration procedures
  • Course changes or cancellation of registration
  • Academic Records
  • Student identification card

Detailed Registration Procedures 

  • Complete the Undergraduate registration form (special students) available online
  • Register at the appropriate location, depending on the special student category you are applying for:
    • Personal interest: 
      • Starting April 20, 2017, please register in person at InfoService, University of Ottawa, Tabaret Hall (TBT112), 75 Laurier Avenue East.
      • April 20, 2017 - Register in person at the Faculty of Medicine, department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 451 Smyth road, room 3206.
    • Professional certification-Transfer of credits, upgrading, gifted students or students from Carleton University:
  • Bring all necessary documents (transcripts, letters, etc.).
  • Obtain approval to register in the course from the faculties concerned.
  • Pay the required fees (consult your uoZone account).


Spring/Summer 2017





  Human Anatomy & Phsiology III

Anatomy and physiology of the endocrine regulation of metabolism, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and the urinary system; acid/base and water balance.  

Prerequisite: OAC or 4U Biology. Previously ANP1304

 For more information please contact: Blanche Dinelle

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