Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine’s Business Transformation Office

The Business Transformation Office aims to improve Faculty services through a series of business process improvement initiatives - introducing productivity gains and workflow enhancements. We are engaging and motivating staff to optimize the way they work!

Our vision is for the Faculty to embrace a culture of continuous quality improvement.

By supporting the Faculty¹s efforts to adopt expertise in change management, business process improvement, workflow automation and performance metrics, the Business Transformation Office seeks to enhance the value of employee effort and the services employees offer.

The following activities take place during our process improvement initiatives:

  1. Define  “what’s the scope?”
    Define the business improvement priorities and project goals.
  2. Measure  “how does it perform today?”
    Examine the business process and measure performance.
  3. Analyze  “what’s not optimized?”
    Analyze the process to determine the root causes.
  4. Improve  “how to identify options?”
    Work with the Faculty to improve the process.
  5. Control  “how do we ensure success?”
    Creating actionable measurements to monitor process and drive future improvements.

Please contact the BTO to learn more about business process improvement.

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