Our Report Card

A family medicine resident examines an elderly patient
Our Learners

Goal 1

Deliver outstanding programs to ensure graduates are able to provide excellent comprehensive care that meets the evolving needs of Canadian and global society, in both official languages.

  Objective Our Evidence Results
1.1 Provide learners with programs that ensure their success as competent and compassionate physicians
  • A successful CFPC Accreditation Review in November
  • 95% CFPC exam completion
  • Updated rotation objectives and evaluations aligned with Triple-C
  • Courses and training provided at the uOttawa Skills and Simulation centre, the largest of its kind in Canada
  • eField Note system expanded to allow interdisciplinary and external users to evaluate Resident performance
1.2 University of Ottawa students continue to lead the country in choosing Family Medicine training
  • 47.8% of undergraduate students chose Family Medicine
  • 20% of undergraduate teaching provided by DFM faculty
  • DFM supported by nine faculty members with leadership roles in UGME at the Faculty of Medicine
1.3 Graduates are skilled in QI and have the management skills to effectively deliver high quality care
  • Implementation of QI curriculum across the department
  • 100% completion of QI projects by PGY1s
  • Residents encouraged to extend QI project into FMRSP, 26% of which were focused on QI topics
  • Inaugural poster presentation of top QI projects at RIO Day 2016
  • Skilled faculty QI leads established at each unit
  • Faculty Development webinar on QI delivered in February 2016
  • Workshop presented at Community Retreat in March 2016

Residents develop as teachers

  • 100% of residents completed Residents as Teachers (RATs) course 
  • “Shadow a Resident” program for undergraduate students expanded
  • PGY3 residents delivered 24 hours of peer teaching for PGY1/2s, 55 hours of undergraduate teaching and taught 6 CPD sessions
1.5 PGY3 Program meets the needs of learners and community aligned with Ontario’s Action Plan
  • PGY3 Program accredited by CFPC with internal review
  • Expansion of francophone PGY3 opportunities
  • 13 blocks of training and two longitudinal experiences (in the Care of the Elderly program) given at the Montfort

MITIGATION: A Strategic Plan for the PGY3 Program is to be completed; internal review in 2018



Our Evidence Base

Goal 2

Generate and translate knowledge for better patient care

Objective 2.1 

Strengthen the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre (CTLC)

  Objective Our Evidence Results
2.1.1 Expand research quality and impact
  • 130 publications, 254 presentations
  • 32 successful grant applications, 20 as Principal Investigator
  • $3.8M in new funding, and a total of $15.2M active research dollars
  • Champlain BASETM eConsult recognized on the Honour Roll for the Minister’s Medal to Honour Excellence in Health Quality and Safety
  • International presentations of research findings in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the United States of America
  • 13 members in the CTLC Academy of Scientists
2.1.2 Ensure Growth & Sustainability
  • New faculty engaged in primary care research, including PRIME grant recipients
  • Dr. Lise Bjerre named as Faculty of Medicine Junior Clinical Research Chair
  • Strategic relationships initiated (e.g. Healthcare Improvement Fund, Commonwealth Fund, Primary Health Care Patient Engagement Resource Centre)


Objective 2.2

Increase residents’ and faculty members’ capacity for scholarship and research

  Objective Our Evidence Results

Increase knowledge and expertise in knowledge creation and translation

Increase engagement and productivity in knowledge creation and translation

  • Four PRIME Grant recipients (Dr. Charles Adamson, Dr. Alison Eyre, Dr. Vanessa Murley and Dr. Amy Nakajima)
  • Primrose unit clinicians published evidence-based guidelines for nation-wide use

CTLC offered:

  • Four part series on Manuscript and Poster Preparation 
  • Grant Writing series
  • A DIME abstract and poster consultation session 
2.2.2 Build and enhance scholarship and research capacity for residents
  • CTLC research project examined approaches to improve resilience in learners
  • Academic Research Advisory session offered during Academic Days
  • Dr. Rohit Gandhi 2016 OCFP Resident Research Competition Winner
  • Changes made to the FMRSP regarding evaluation and deadlines to enhance sustainable resident engagement in scholarly research
  • QI Projects and FMRSP aligned to provide an opportunity for more rigorous research
  Objective Our Evidence Results
2.3 Influence and contribute to the Ministry of Health’s quality agenda
  • QI curriculum fully implemented across program
  • Inaugural QI poster session took place at RIO Day 2016
  • Faculty QI leads established at every unit
  • Faculty development sessions in QI offered
Our Social Accountability

Goal 3

Advance our social accountability mandate locally and globally

  Objective Our Evidence Results
3.1 Raise the profile of and promote the benefits of strong Family Medicine department in both official languages within the Faculty of Medicine and our communities
  • Regular meetings with the OCFP and Ministry of Health to address ongoing needs for strong Family Medicine in Ontario. 
  • Faculty participation in Champlain LHIN Primary care Congress
  • Dr. Jacques Lemelin continued role as Primary Care Lead at LHIN
  • Faculty and resident participation in Syrian Refugee Screening Clinics, many refugee families welcomed into faculty practices 
  • Work commenced on improved, fully bilingual DFM website
  • Expansion of francophone PGY3 opportunities
  • Successful Accreditation set an example and raised the department’s profile across the Faculty of Medicine
3.2 Build collaboration with the School of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Move of administration offices to Faculty of Medicine Campus initiated

MITIGATION: Moving to the same building as the School of Epidemiology and Public Health in 2017 will help to improve collaboration

3.3 Define Global Health program objectives to promote social equity locally, nationally and worldwide
  • Expansion of Indigenous Health curriculum
  • Support for clinical rotations with urban vulnerable populations

MITIGATION: A Global Health Strategic Plan is to be completed in 2017


Contribute to international development of medical education

  • Global Health Travel Bursary established
  • Second cohort of Guyanese physicians welcomed in Family Medicine Residency Training Program for Guyana
  • Faculty contributed to the development of the Jiao Tong Department of Family Medicine at the Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine
  • Hosted two physicians from Huamu Community Health Service Centre
  • Faculty members made 14 visits to Guyana and 3 to Shanghai to provide educational support
3.5 Foster and teach advocacy at all levels
  • 35 Residents participated in Global Health Training Track, a 66% increase from 2015
  • 19 Residents completed an elective in an indigenous community
  • Undergraduate program welcomed visiting physicians from Shanghai
  • A medical student completed their Family Medicine rotation in Moose Factory
Our People

Goal 4

In a supportive and healthy workplace, promote leadership, collaboration and teamwork

  Objective Our Evidence Results
4.1 Identify, develop and support leaders and advocates in Family Medicine at all levels
  • A workshop by the Chair encouraged faculty to seek promotion
  • Dr. William Hogg President of NAPCRG
  • Two Residents participated in Residents as Leaders program
  • Dr. Annelise Miller and Dr. Adam Nielsen recognized as TOH Resident Team Players
  • Dr. Alison Eyre awarded CFPC Jim Ruderman Academic Family Medicine Leadership Award
  • 10 DFM faculty members hold leadership positions at the Faculty of Medicine

OCFP Awards

  • Greenboro Family Medicine Centre Family Practice of the Year
  • Dr. Michael Malek Regional Family Physician of the Year
  • Dr. Jocelyn Howard awarded OCFP Resident Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Doug Gruner and Dr. Kevin Pottie Awards of Excellence

Enhance collaboration/ teamwork in practice

  • Successful CFPC Accreditation Review fostered strong teamwork
  • Record attendance at the DFM Faculty Retreat
  • Academy of Scientists researchers collaborate with patients, health planners and professionals
4.3 Promote collaboration with internal/external partners
  • Faculty members have leadership positions at the Faculty of Medicine, CFPC, NAPCRG, Champlain LHIN, Canadian Medical Protective Association, Public Health Agency of Canada, and more
  • Co-sponsoring the 18th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference with Department of Psychiatry in 2017
  • Research collaboration

Support and enhance recognition in the workplace

  • Recognition of faculty and residents added to DFM website
  • Years of Service Awards introduced at DFM Faculty Retreat

MITIGATION: Faculty and resident recognition to be further improved

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