Quality Improvement

Elizabeth Muggah Director, Quality Improvement

Elizabeth Muggah MD, CCFP - Director, Quality Improvement

The goal of the Quality Improvement (QI) curriculum is to help our residents to gain the knowledge and skills required to be leaders in making changes to improve the primary care system. The cornerstone of the curriculum is a QI project.  We have successfully implemented the QI curriculum across our department, and ended our year with an inaugural poster presentation of the top QI projects at RIO Day that were well received by faculty and students.   We continue to support our residents to extend their QI projects into the topic for their resident scholarly projects (FMRSP).  The QI program has worked hard to engage faculty from across the Department to teach and mentor our residents. In particular, we are delighted to have skilled faculty QI leads for each of the units who conduct the small group QI teaching sessions and act as champions and resources to residents and faculty in their unit on QI.

Top Accomplishments

  • Successful implementation of the QI curriculum across the department
  • RIO Day QI poster session in June 2016 to highlight the outstanding projects identified at each unit
  • Faculty Development efforts included a webinar focusing on QI coaching in February 2016 and workshop to community faculty on QI at their annual retreat in 2016


  • All 72 PGY1 residents successfully completed their QI projects and 95% submitted on time
  • 29% of resident scholarly projects submitted in 2016 focused on QI topics
  • 30% mean improvement in resident self-assessed QI knowledge and skills after completion of the QI curriculum 
  • 80% of residents who completed the QI curriculum believe that the project is relevant to their future work as a family physician
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