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Dr. Dianne Delva

As a vibrant and diverse Department, with over 400 dedicated faculty members across the Ottawa region and beyond, I am grateful for this opportunity to come together, collaborate and build stronger relationships with one another. This year’s theme, “Making Connections,” will allow us to explore how meaningful connections with our learners, our patients, our colleagues and our own selves are fundamental to our development as teachers, physicians, individuals and collectively as a Department.

Over the course of the retreat, our colleagues will be presenting and leading workshops to encourage us to consider the importance of strong connections to those we work with, teach and provide care.  I encourage you to peruse the twelve sessions on offer, and join us to acquire new skills and tools to enhance your teaching, clinical practice and scholarship. We will also recognize the achievements of several faculty members at dinner on Friday evening. And don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes as The Star Tools, featuring our own Bill Hogg, take the stage at 8:30pm!

On Friday evening at 6pm we welcome our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Allyn Walsh, Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University, President of the Canadian Association of Medical Education and Chair of the Faculty Development Education Committee for the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  She was instrumental in the development of the College’s Triple C competency based curriculum, and has extensive leadership experience with McMaster, the CFPC, the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the World Organization of Family Doctors. She is also the recipient of numerous teaching awards including the prestigious CFPC Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award. Her keynote address, “Stand By Me: Coaching Learners Effectively,” will share her experience of successful strategies to facilitate change and improve learner performance.

On Saturday morning, we will come together as a Department for an important plenary session to discuss our Governance and Accountability framework. Many faculty members have been involved in working groups over the past several months to clarify issues around faculty roles and responsibilities, to develop a strong governance structure and accountability framework to guide the Department. This session is your chance to provide open, constructive feedback and ensure that the new framework reflects your needs and opinions as a faculty member. I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity for collaboration and participation.

A big thank you to everyone involved in organizing this wonderful event! On behalf of the Retreat Organizing Committee and the Department of Family Medicine, I look forward to learning, collaboration, and connecting with you as colleagues and peers.



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Dr. Dianne Delva
Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Thank you!

Dr. Eric Wooltorton

Thank you for attending this year’s Annual Retreat. So many wonderful things happen when we come together as a Department!  In taking over as Director of Faculty Development from the very talented Dr. Deidre Young, I found I have big shoes to fill! Luckily, I work with an amazing administrative team who worked calmly behind the scenes for many months to attend to a thousand details and challenges. This team has worked hard to support our presenters, to enroll participants, and to generally create a fun, engaging and relevant experience for faculty participants. A special note of thanks goes to Asiya Rolston, Louise Weir, Emma Dickinson, Cynthia Mar and the DFM Senior Leadership Team (led by Dr. Dianne Delva), who made this event a reality. 

Thank you also to the Faculty Development Advisory Group (Dr. Douglas Archibald, Dr. Christine Rivet, Dr. Terry Brennan, Dr. Alan Ng, Dr. Madeleine Montpetit, Dr. Gary Viner, Dr. Alison Eyre, Dr. Sharon Johnston, Dr. Margaret Gluszynski, Dr. Ed Seale and Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar) for their sage advice on how best to support and engage our Department’s faculty.

Thank you also to our talented presenters who represent many different voices and points of view. You have developed and shared materials and insights, and led sessions designed to boost faculty knowledge, skills, confidence and commitment. Thank you for helping us to build a strong and broad community of medical educators!

You will note in the Workshops section that we have identified many sessions as pre-approved for Teaching Skills Attainment Awards (TSAA) credits. The TSAAs recognize members of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa who have shown commitment to the development of their teaching skills through faculty development. Our faculty development team is keen to see DFM members qualify for these awards

These are exciting times to be involved with faculty development! In the coming months our team will launch many initiatives including:

  •  A new online “Faculty Development Connect” webinar series.
  • “Faculty Development Half Days” at our new teaching space at the Peter Morand campus (save the date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 in the morning, and Friday, March 9, 2018 in the afternoon)
  • “Blended learning” to allow faculty flexibility and access to digital materials
  • New and enhanced “Essential Teaching Skills” sessions
  • Awards for Faculty who help promote the growth and development of other faculty members

If you (or someone you know) have advice on our faculty development program or future retreats do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for being part of our Annual Department Retreat!

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Dr. Eric Wooltorton
Director, Faculty Development

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