Teach with us!

We are looking for family doctors to serve as a preceptor for 1st and 2nd year University of Ottawa medical students in a Community setting (i.e. family doctor’s office, house calls, nursing home etc.). This would be for eight half days over the Academic Year.

The opportunity for medical students to be exposed to family medicine in a clinical setting at such a critical time in their training is invaluable. Our Physician Skills Development (PSD) Community Preceptor program leads to more students choosing family medicine in the future and enables them to have an appreciation for the wide breadth of family practice. Half of our medical students are consistently matched to a residency in family medicine, the highest in the country. In order to continue training the best family doctors, we need you!

If you are interested in having a student, please complete our questionnaire and return it to dfm@bruyere.org.

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