La Faculté de médecine dans les médias : Octobre 2017

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Voici un aperçu de la présence médiatique des membres du corps professoral, apprenants et diplômé(e)s dans les nouvelles ce mois-ci.

Week of October 01 - 07

The political porcupine (Winnipeg Free Press)
Dr. Michael Wolfson, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, notes that the federal government could be forgoing on the order of half a billion dollars a year in income tax revenue through provisions enabling high income-earners to set up a corporation.

Perth promises to support continued physician recruiter position for another year (Inside Ottawa Valley)
Every year, from the end of May to early June, about 26 medical students from Queen's University in Kingston and the University of Ottawa are brought to the Perth area as part of the Eastern Ontario Medical Education Program.

Week of October 08 – 14

US athletes didn't get Zika at Rio Olympics -- but they got other mosquito-borne diseases (89.3 KPCC Pasadena)
Dr. Amir Attaran, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine was one of the scientists who wrote a letter calling on the Brazil's Olympics Games to be moved following the Zika crisis.

Save money, save lives: Four steps for Ottawa to link health and the environment (National Observer)
Dr. Richard Van Der Jagt, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, shares his thoughts on the link between healthcare and the environment. 

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