Travel Grants

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Faculty of Medicine Travel Grants for Research Related Events


It is important to submit your travel request and authorization to travel forms well in advance of your proposed trip (at least two weeks before). No retroactive funding will be awarded.

The grants are allocated with the condition that your Thesis Supervisor will also provide a contribution towards the cost of the trip. A presentation is required with a confirmation of acceptance before applying for a grant.

Please submit the completed following forms:

Both forms must be signed by the student and his/her supervisor.

1. Request for Authorization to Travel form

An accounting key (FOAP) must be entered before you obtain a purchase order (P.O.) number.

  • If your supervisor has funds administered through the University of Ottawa, they will have an accounting key (FOAP) and you can take the form directly to the Faculty of Medicine’s Financial Office (RGN3021) for a P.O. number. (Please note that if you are not requesting money from your program or the Office of the Vice-Provost Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, you do not have to complete the Conference Travel Grant form).
  • If your supervisor does not have funds administered through the University of Ottawa and you are requesting funds from the graduate program, you must bring the form to your departmental administrative office for approval from the program director. After the program director approves, we will assign the accounting key (FOAP). The student will then need to pick up the form and take it to the Faculty of Medicine Financial Office (RGN3021) for a P.O. number prior to traveling.
2. Application for Conference Travel Grant form

We recommend submitting this form to the Office of the Vice-Provost Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies directly via and providing your departmental administrative office with a copy to request funds from the program, if applicable.

Both forms are required a minimum two weeks before you plan to leave for your trip, to ensure the request will be processed with required department signatures and approval.


General guidelines on how to prepare a travel reimbursement

If your trip is partly subsidized by your program, you are responsible for obtaining the program approval through your Departmental Administration Office.

Completion of the Request for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses must comply with Policy 21 & Procedure 16-11.

  • Please include your current mailing address and Purchase Order number (PO#) on the form in order to ensure that your reimbursement is sent to the correct address.
  • All travel and meal receipts must be submitted with your claim. The maximum claimable amount for eligible expenses is indicated in Policy 21 and Procedure 16-11.
  • Every expense must be itemized on a day to day basis. For every day traveled, the receipts from that day must be numbered and identified on your travel claim (in the right-hand column) and taped (no staples) on a blank sheet of paper. You must also indicate the date and your name on top of each page. Boarding passes can be taped on a single sheet.
  • If a receipt cannot be provided, you must complete a Travel Missing Receipt Form (XLS) for approval by financial services.
  • Do not put a lump sum amount for items that cover more than a day; i.e. your hotel statement should be divided on a daily basis and other expenses such as Internet fees should be included in the miscellaneous expenses category. Be sure to justify, if applicable, how Internet fees were used i.e. why Internet access was necessary.
  • It is mandatory that you include the Program-at-a-Glance (i.e. the events Program or Agenda) when you are submitting a travel claim.
  • Be sure to specify your relationship and student number with the research project (e.g. whether you are a MSc/ PhD student, etc.).
  • Use the most recent Request for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses available online.
  • Fill out the Request for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses form electronicallyDue to the different applicable taxes, it is important to use the appropriate travel claim form according to the province or country you have traveled to.
  • At all times, we require the Principle Investigators or their delegates' approval, ORIGINAL receipts, boarding passes, conference agenda, event poster and proper justification of expenses. If you are travelling overseas, providing your credit card statement will ensure that you are fully reimbursed for your expenses in Canadian currency. If you cannot provide your credit card statement, use the Bank of Canada exchange rate and be sure to include this in your claim. The exchange rate should be averaged for the travel period.
  • When travelling abroad, or in the United States of America, you will incur expenses in Canadian Dollars (Taxis, etc) and foreign currency; therefore, two forms must be filled out and submitted together with the receipts as an entire travel claim: one for expenses in Canada, and the other for expenses abroad.
  • Submit your claim directly to the Financial Office (RGN3021).

Following these general guidelines ensures that your request is processed in a timely fashion.

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