International Electives

International electives allow UGME students and PGME residents the opportunity to participate in a clinical or research experience abroad. Each elective placement usually spans from two to six weeks. These electives give students the opportunity to participate in observer-ships and provide resident unique training opportunities in specific fields of medicine.

The Office of Internationalization is responsible for the Global Health Program, which was established to facilitate international/global health activities throughout the faculty. For medical students electives our goal is to try to ensure an educational experience that is enriching and safe for students as well as the host communities.

Participating in an international elective will expose participants to diverse medical environments and provide them with hands on learning opportunities.

Advantages of participating in international electives during medical education include:
  • Developing a better understanding of international health;
  • Learning about health-care in lower technology societies;
  • Becoming involved in a cultural exchange;
  • Using the knowledge gained about other cultures in order to develop a better understanding of Canada's multicultural population;
  • Developing technical skills;
  • Encouraging contemplation of a career in International Health.

Usually, travel dates for first and second year UGME students are during the summer, and upper year UGME students from September to February.

Travel dates for PGME residents depends on their rotation schedule and must be approved by the program director.

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