Finding an International Elective

All students participating in an international elective must find their own placement.

Please consult the list below for suggested placements:

Local Ambassadors:

  1. CACHA : Canada Africa Community Health Alliance
  2. Mountain Fund
  3. BABU Bringing About Better Understanding
  4. Can Aid Africa
  5. Save a Child's Heart
  6. University of Manitoba
  7. CHR Citadelle (French only)
  8. IFMSA International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

Non-profit organizations/companies

  1. Work the World
  2. Child and Family Health International
  3. CFMS Canadian Federation of Medical Students
  4. Unite for Sight
  5. Projects Abroad
  6. CSIH Canadian Society for International Health

We also have several Global Health Ambassadors available to provide you advise and information on specific placements. Ambassadors are students who have participated in an international elective and have volunteered to provide information about their destinations and experiences to you upon request. To see the list of past locations and be put in contact with the related ambassador please contact the Global Health Coordinator.

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