Medicine and Humanities International Program

Drawing of the combined iconic skylines of Lyon, Shanghai and Ottawa.

Photo credit : Andrea Zumrova (uOttawa MD2017)

As a multilateral program with the University of Lyon, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Medicine and Humanities International Program (MHIP) enables students and professors to experience the history of medicine, art, literature, philosophy and human sciences across cultures in order to foster critical thinking and the development of empathy.

With the initial agreement for academic collaboration signed in April 2016, this program is currently being developed. In the near future, the program aims to launch common teaching material for students at each of the partner universities, to facilitate student exchanges and summer school opportunities, as well as initiate related joint research. This content will be available through a common international website and will have the potential to offer MD students a MHIP optional certificate.

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