Awards and Grants

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The following awards are available at different times during the year. Check back here to see more details, including information on the application period.

  • Fellowship Awards
  • Educational Advancement and Innovation in medical education 
  • PARO Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching
  • Educational Initiatives in Residency Education (EIRE) Grants 
  • Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education- PGME 
  • Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation- Canadian Institute of Health Research (CSCI-CIHR) Award 
    • DEADLINE: JULY 7, 2017
      • CSCI/CIHR Excellence in Resident Research Award (one award of $1,000)
      • Clinical or Research Fellows are not admissible for the award.
      • All nominations MUST include:
        • A letter of nomination signed by the Program Director
        • A letter from the staff person involved in the research, confirming that the work was indeed completed by the resident
        • A ONE page abstract of the paper 
          • Many worthy papers are rejected because the information contained in the abstract is either insufficient or inappropriate. For this reason, the following advice to contributors is offered:
          • The title of the paper should truly convey its content. Obscure and obtuse titles should be avoided. The abstract should open with a statement as to the background or reasons for carrying out the study. This should be followed by an outline of the experimental method, the materials used, the method of data collected and measurement. This should then be followed by a statement of results which indicate the number of items in the experimental group (patients, cases, operations, animals, etc.) versus the number of controls, if available. Where the measurements of a certain activity or function are carried out, these should be clearly stated in numbers. Abstracts that do not contain any data are usually unacceptable.
          • Finally, the abstract should contain a statement of the author’s interpretation of the data which has been presented. Such statements as “these results will be discussed” do not permit the committee to evaluate the merit of the author’s conclusions.
        • A completed CSCI/CIHR application form if being nominated for the CSCI award
        • Please submit your application in pdf format with all pages compiled into one document.
        • Electronic documents should be sent to Jodee Kent:
        • Please note that only electronic documents will be accepted
        • Telephone: 613-562-5800 ext. 4201
The information on this page is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment from the University of Ottawa.
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