Appendix I - Hospitals’ Needlestick Policies

Teaching Hospital Setting

The careful handling of any potentially infective material and the strict adherence to the policy of universal precautions are extremely important and mandatory. 

Postgraduate trainees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with each hospital policy at all times. Individual hospital policies are available through Hospital Employee Health Services or from the office of the Director of the Physicians In-Training Well-being Program (Monique Beaulne). 

Contact persons listed below can be reached anytime during the day

Immediate care is required. Do not delay.Initial management involves cleaning the site, the identification of risk and possible early therapeutic intervention. 

Proceed to the Emergency Department of the hospital and identify yourself as a member of the house-staff. Indicate the type of injury sustained (i.e. needlestick). The Infectious Diseases consultant on call may be notified and will either see you in the E.R. or speak to you by telephone to address your immediate questions and concerns. If required, you will receive a two or three day PEP pack to initiate therapy until you can fill a prescription at the pharmacy. 

Documentation and notification are essential. Call the director of the University Well-being Program for Physicians-in-training, Ms. Monique Beaulne, at 613-737-8473 during office hours, who will help you to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps and precautions. You must also contact the appropriate person (listed below) of the hospital where the injury was sustained. 

Community Setting

If you are in a community setting, present yourself to the closest hospital Emergency Department for immediate care and management. Again, contact Monique Beaulne immediately to ensure that the intervention meets the existing guidelines.

The Ottawa Hospital – General CampusOccupational Health & Safety

613-737-8899 ext. 78391

The Ottawa Hospital – Civic CampusOccupational Health & Safety

613-798-5555 ext.14161

The Ottawa Hospital – Riverside CampusOccupational Health & Safety

613-738-8400 ext. 88250

Children’s Hospital of Eastern OntarioOccupational Health & Safety

613-737-7600 ext. 2278

Royal Ottawa HospitalOccupational Health & Safety

613-722-6521 ext. 6491

Rehabilitation CentreOttawa Hospital- General Campus Occupational Health & Safety

613-737-8899 ext. 78391

Hôpital MontfortOccupational Health & Safety

613-746-4621 ext. 2211

Elizabeth Bruyère Health Centre St-Louis ResidenceOccupational Health & Safety

613-562-4262 ext. 4037

St. Vincent HospitalOccupational Health & Safety

613-562-4262 ext. 3333

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