Executive Committee

Dr. Kathleen Pajer

Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Chief of Psychiatry, Mental Health Services for Children and Youth,


Dr. Simon Hatcher


Dr. Richard Bergeron

Chief of Psychiatry, Pierre Janet

Dr. Raj Bhatla

Psychiatrist-in-Chief & Chief of Staff, ROHCG

Dr. Jeanne Talbot

Postgraduate Education Director


Chief, Department of Psychiatry, QCH

Dr. Paul Fedoroff

Head, Division of Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. AG Ahmed

Associate Chief, Forensics ROHCG

Dr. Hazen Gandy

Head, Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Katharine GIllis

Head, Department of Psychiatry, TOH

Dr. Elliott Lee

Undergraduate Education Director

Dr. Tanya Gallant

Resident Representative

Dr. Robert Milin

Head, Division of Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Andrew Wiens

Head, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry

Director of Continuing Medical Education

Brigitte Rutherford

Academic Business Manager

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