Research Day



Thursday, June 22, 2017
General Campus Auditorium


7:30 8:00 Continental Breakfast- General corridor outside Main Auditorium                      
8:00 8:20 Welcome and Dedication to Dr. Lum                            
8:20 8:29 Ellen Laura Rose Cusano, MBT Med Student Presentation Prognostic significance of lymphovascular space invasion in the absence of lymph node metastases in early stage endometrial cancer
8:29 8:38 Dr. Oliver Holmes Fellow Presentation Selective and super-selective angiography with DynaCT for CyberKnife radiosurgery planning of intracranial arteriovenous malformations
8:38 8:47 Dr. Gerd Melkus  Staff Presentation Analysis of the Substantia Nigra from Parkinson’s disease patients and control subjects using co-registered DTI and QSM data
8:47 8:56 Dr. Taleb Al Mansoori  Fellow Presentation Flow Diverter (FD) Stent Treatment for the Ruptured Blood Blister-like Aneurysms (BBAs)
8:56 9:05 Dr. Gali Shapira-Zaltsberg  Fellow Presentation MRI features of the placenta in fetuses with and without CNS abnormalities. 
9:05 9:14 Dr. Ahmed Adraihem Fellow Presentation Inter-observer agreement in rCBV measured on T2* perfusion imaging of pediatric brain tumours
9:14 9:23 Dr. Taryn Hodgdon Fellow Presentation CT texture analysis of acetabular subchondral bone can discriminate between normal and cam positive hips in femoroacetubular impingement
9:23 9:32 Dr. Niamh Coffey Fellow Presentation A Retrospective Evaluation of Central Venous Catheter Placement in Patients With Platelet Counts of Less Than 50,000/dL
9:32 9:41 Dr. Waleed Athobaity Fellow Presentation Pectoralis major tears diagnostic accuracy of MRI and ultrasound.
9:41 9:50 Dr. Leonid Chepelev PGY 2 Presentation The Impact of 3D Printed Bone Neoplasm Models on Surgical Excision Planning
9:50 10:15 Break                              
10:15 10:24 Patrick Ji Ho Hong BMSc Med Student Presentation Reporting of Imaging Diagnostic Accuracy Studies: Adherence to STARD 2015
10:24 10:33 Robert Alan Frank BSc Med Student Presentation Determinants of ‘truth’ in imaging research: the quest for the Holy Grail?
10:33 10:42 Tetyana Maniuk BSc Med Student Presentation Quality Initiative Project comparing the impact of TIRADS on: thyroid biopsy wait times, net number of biopsies and % adherence of radiologists to TIRADS
10:42 10:51 Dr. Mahadevaswamy Siddaiah Fellow Presentation Inter and Intra-observer agreement of LI-RADS Categories Using Only Key Imaging Features versus Including Ancillary Features
10:51 11:00 Dr. Satheesh Jeyaraj Fellow Presentation Evaluation of MRI for diagnosis of extraprostatic extension in prostate cancer
11:00 11:09 Dr. Robert Lim PGY3 Presentation Phyllodes Tumors – when do they recur?
11:09 11:18 Dr. Fahad Allhedan Fellow Presentation Ratio of mediastinal lymph node to primary tumor FDG uptake improves prediction of nodal metastases in lung cancer
11:18 11:27 Dr. Eduardo Portela de Oliveira Fellow Presentation Sub-centimeter (≤1cm) Pulmonary Nodules: Diagnostic Performance and Safety of CT-Guided Transthoracic Needle Biopsy
11:27 11:36 Dr. Mohamed Abderalzek Fellow Presentation Primary thymic ephitelial neoplasms. What is the role of imaging-guided percutaneous needle biopsy?
11:36 11:45 Dr. Tasneem Alhassan Fellow Presentation FAST MRI study in Breast Cancer Survivors
11:45 12:30 Lunch                              
12:30 13:15 Visiting Professor Presentation Dr. Mauricio Castillo Burnout, Dissatifcation and Gender Inequalties in Radiology
13:15 13:30 Break  Walk over to RGN Building (University of Ottawa Atrium)                      
13:30 13:50 Victoria Rose Myers Med Student Poster Radiation prescribing practices in early stage endometrial cancer: a single institution review
13:30 13:50 Dr. Najlaa Alyamani PGY 3 Poster Cervical cancer outcomes in the high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy era: a single institution experience
13:50 14:10 Dr. Ihssan Abdul-Kareem PGY 4 Poster Misinterpretations of non-enhanced head CT by radiology residents and emergency physicians 
13:50 14:10 Dr. Leonid Chepelev PGY 2 Poster Application of 3D Printed Models to Augment Resident Training
13:50 14:10 Dr. Sohail Zaheer Fellow Poster Efficacy of pre-procedure antibiotics in reducing procedure related infections following tunneled dialysis catheter insertion
14:10 14:30 Dr. Mark Wu PGY 3 Poster The Impact of Radiology Trainees on Productivity of Academic Radiologists; Analysis using the Ottawa RADiologist Activity Reporting (RADAR) System
14:10 14:30 Trevor Adam McGrath BSc Med Student Poster Is there ‘Spin’ in Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy?
14:10 14:30 Dr. Suraj Mammen Fellow Poster Utility of qualitative and quantitative CT analysis for diagnosis of pathological grade and stage in upper tract urothelial cell carcinoma (UCC)
14:10 14:30 Dr. Robert Lim PGY 3 Poster Are growth patterns in small (<4 cm) solid renal masses useful for predicting benign histology?
14:10 14:30 Dr. Sabarish Narayanaswamy Fellow Poster Diagnostic accuracy of MDCT in the differentiation of perforated from non-perforated appendicitis
14:30 14:50 Dr. Hamid Bayanati Staff Poster CT-guided transthoracic biopsy of linguar lung lesions
14:30 14:50 Dr. Hassan Shoushtarizadeh Fellow Poster Usefulness of Imaging-Guided Percutaneous Needle Biopsy (PNB) in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Ground Glass Nodules (GGNs)
14:30 14:50 Dr. Joao Inacio Staff Poster CT-guided placement of microcoils to direct video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical resection of small lung nodules: safety, efficacy and outcome
14:30 14:50 Johnny Huang H.B.Sc Med Student Poster Rib lesions: diagnostic yield and safety of percutaneous image-guided biopsy
14:50 15:20 Judging                              


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