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Publié le mardi 8 août 2017

MED8166 - Professionalism and Professional Skills Course*

*La cote du cours en français correspond à MED8566.

In-class workshops held on Friday, September 15 and 22
from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
room RGN2149, 451 Smyth Road

This course includes five workshops (two in-class and three online) on basic professional skills related to academic integrity, proper referencing techniques, avoidance of plagiarism, professional etiquette, public speaking, time and stress management, conflict management, teamwork, knowing when and how to access student support services.


  • Workshop 1 : Research Management (Online course)
  • Workshop 2 : Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers (Online course)
  • Workshop 3 : Mental Health and Wellness (September 15)
  • Workshop 4 : Academic Integrity and Plagiarism (September 22)
  • Workshop 5 : Respect in the Workplace (Online course)

Enrolment procedure for MED8166

  1. Enrol to MED8166 on uoZone.
  2. Enrol to the mandatory online workshops “Research Management” and “Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers”:
    1. Create an account or Sign In to MyGradSkills.ca
    2. Individually select the two above mentioned courses from the list, and then click on the ‘Enrol me’ button
  3. Enrolment is not required for the mandatory online workshop “Respect in the Workplace”. Direct access to this workshop. (Note: the Adobe Flash plugin is required)Adobe Flash plugin is required)

This course is compulsory for all students enrolled in a masters or doctoral program and attendance is mandatory for all workshops.

To receive your grade for MED8166

  • Successfully complete a short test at the end of each in-class session


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