Soutenances de thèse à venir

Superviseur de thèse
Lundi 27 mars, 2017 Ph.D. (MIC) Tina Nguyen “Mode of Entry and Survival of Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in Trophoblast Cells” Lakshmi Krishnan 9 h 00 RGN2113
Lundi 27 mars, 2017 M.Sc. (MIC) Ardeshir Ariana "Dissection of TLR4-induced Necroptosis using specific inhibitors of endocytosis and p38 MAPK". Subash Sad 13 h 30 RGN2529
Mercredi 5 avril, 2017 Ph.D.
Emma Bondy-Chorney "Characterization of Novel Post-Transcriptional Events Misregulated in Disease:  Implications for the Development of Future Therapies" Jocelyn Côté/Bernard Jasmin 10 h 00 RGN1007
Jeudi 6 avril, 2017 Ph.D.
Rachel Lane "Radon-Associated Lung Cancer Risk At Low Exposures: Beaverlodge, French, And Czech Uranium Miners" Julian Little
Franco Momoli
10 h 00 RGN3234
Mardi 13 avril, 2017 M.Sc.
Bader Al-Rawahi "Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacological Thrombprophylactic Agents for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism After Major Abdominal Surgery" Marc Carrier
Grégoire Le Gal
13 h 30 RGN3234
Mardi 18 avril, 2017 Ph.D. (CMM) Jennifer Major "E2F6: A Unique Regulator of Post-natal Cardiac Growth, Death and Function" Balwant Tuana 13 h 30 RGN2112
Mercredi 19 avril, 2017 M.Sc. (EPI) Wade Thompson "Strategies to Foster Appropriate Proton Pump Inhibitor Use" Lise Bjerre/Peter Tugwell 13 h 30 RGN2529
Mardi 25 avril, 2017 M.Sc. (EPI) Sean Bennett "The Use of Perioperative Red Blood Cell Transfusion and their Appropiatenass in Liver Resction" Dean Fergusson/Guillaume Martel 9h00 RGN3234
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