Acute Pain Service

Acute Pain Service

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Dr. Claudia Gomez (Civic) & Dr. Steven Tremblay (General)

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Acute Pain Module. This module comprises one rotation in Core I in which you will gain knowledge about the principles of acute pain management in the perioperative setting, including management of complex patients. This will be achieved, in part, through the daily management of patients in the Acute Pain Service (APS) at The Ottawa Hospital. Throughout your residency you will have many opportunities to maintain your competence in acute pain management. As a resident, you are first line in the management of patients’ acute pain and any undue complications while on-call.

EPAs & Milestones

  • Management of perioperative pain
    • Demonstrates understanding in basic principles of pathophysiology and pharmacology of pain.
    • Demonstrates understanding in principles of acute perioperative pain management.
    • Demonstrates understanding in principles of acute-on-chronic perioperative pain management.
    • Demonstrates management of acute perioperative pain.

Academic Curriculum

Learning Cases

Core 1

  • Acute Pain Management in the Patient with Concurrent Hepatic or Renal Disease
  • Managing Pain in the Morbidly Obese Patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Managing Perioperative Pain in the Opioid-Dependent Patient
  • Acute Pain in the Elderly Patient
  • Postoperative Analgesia with Ketamine

Assessment Tools

  • Submitted the required number of CCATs (12)
  • Achieved a satisfactory score on MCQ exam
  • Compliant with Resident Logbook
  • Presented at APS rounds
  • Completed 5 Core 1 Acute Pain learning cases
  • Demonstrated evidence of self-learning


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  • Archived pain presentations and lectures
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