Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

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Dr. Sarika Alisic & Dr. Steven Tremblay (interim)

Welcome Message

During this Core 2 module, you will attend clinics at the Pain Clinic, where we see patients with chronic pain, as well as cancer pain. You will spend time observing and performing chronic pain procedures, but priority is to learn how to take a thorough chronic pain history and develop a differential diagnosis for the patients, as well as a management plan based on your differential. The team of doctors working in the Pain Clinic currently are: Dr. George Evans, Dr. Yvette Goddard, Dr. Peter MacDougall, Dr. Shona Nair, Dr. Howard Nathan, Dr. Cathy Smyth and Dr. Steve Tremblay. We will also be joined in 2018 by Dr. Sarika Alisic.

EPAs & Milestones

  • Management of perioperative pain
    • Demonstrates management of chronic outpatient pain
    • Demonstrate teaching and research of acute perioperative pain management and outpatient chronic pain

Academic Curriculum

Learning Cases

Core 2

  • Perioperative Chronic Pain
  • CRPS and Neuropathic Pain
  • Management of Cancer Pain
  • Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain
  • LBP and Radicular Pain

Assessment Tools

  • Submitted the required number of CCATs (10)
  • Achieved a satisfactory score on MCQ exam
  • Compliant with Resident Logbook
  • Submit a completed case/staff calendar
  • Completed 5 Core Chronic Pain learning cases
  • Successfully perform 2 observed history/physical on new consults
  • Demonstrated evidence of self-learning
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