Obstetrical Anesthesiology

Apart from the longest skating rink in the world, a fabulous tulip festival, the Parliament Buildings, and the Senators hockey team, Ottawa has fantastic Fellowship programs!

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is the major tertiary centre for the Nation’s capital and the primary teaching centre for the University of Ottawa.  TOH operates out of 3 sites:  the General, the Civic, and the Riverside.  The Riverside site is a “day hospital” which offers pre- and post-natal clinic services, while the deliveries and high risk obstetrics take place at the General and Civic campuses.  Approximately 7,000 babies are born at TOH yearly, with a cesarean rate of 30-40% and an epidural rate of 60-70%. 

Our Obstetrical Anesthesia Subspecialty Team members (8 at the Civic; 14 at the General) have various backgrounds in terms of fellowship training, from different parts of the world; all have a very keen interest in promoting state-of-the- art obstetrical care.   We utilize our Cardiac Institute and its expertise to help out with “cardiac” moms, and have very close proximity to/association with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) that proves vital in assisting with our higher risk babies.  Ultrasound is being employed on an escalating basis for epidural and spinal placement, particularly because we are experiencing that need in our bariatric parturients (~ 40%!).   We are also very fortunate to have a unique Research Committee within our Anesthesia Department that helps promote a strong basis for research, and assists with research output support in all of our Fellowship programmes. 

The Obstetrical Anesthesia Fellowship year is divided into two six-month blocks: one at each of the Civic and General campuses.  This is done mainly so that the Fellow gains a breadth of knowledge and experience from the more specialized high risk services offered at those respective sites.  There is a Fellowship Director at each campus so that the Fellow has an on-site reference person and “guide” for each placement.  The co-directors work very closely together to provide the best educational and clinical experience possible for the successful candidate!!  

Positions available: One (1) yearly

If you are interested in the University of Ottawa Obstetrical Anesthesia Fellowship program, please refer to the “Fellowship Application Instructions” link on the main Fellowships page.

Thanks – we look forward to hearing from you!

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