Congratulations to Dr. Anne Lui and Dr. Stéphane Moffett, 2020 CAS Honour Awards recipients

Posted on Monday, February 8, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Lui, recipient of the CAS Clinical Practitioner Award, and to Dr. Stéphane Moffett, recipient of the CAS Clinical Teacher Award!

Dr. Anne Lui was one of the first in our department at the Ottawa Civic Hospital to obtain formal fellowship training in Regional Anesthesiology. Upon her return, she began to revolutionize the practice of regional anesthesia in Ottawa. Neuraxial techniques for orthopedic and general surgery became the norm due to her persistent advocacy for improved perioperative analgesia. Dr. Lui also embraced the advent of perineural catheters and established an ambulatory perineural catheter program which, due to superior perioperative anesthesia and analgesia, converted many inpatient surgical procedures to day-stay cases. With the advent of ERAS protocols, she developed and implemented the Hysterectomy Enhanced Recovery (HER) protocol at The Ottawa Hospital, which resulted not only in improved patient recovery following open hysterectomy, but also resulted in a decreased length of hospital stay from 3-5 days to an overnight stay in hospital. Working with Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and Nursing, she coordinated the development of a fascia iliaca block (FIB) protocol for patients awaiting surgery for hip fractures, to try to minimize pain and opioid use in this fragile patient population. To improve pain control and facilitate better ventilation in trauma patients with multiple rib fractures, she initiated a serratus anterior plane (SAP) catheter protocol. All of these programs are a testament to her ability to effect positive change in patient care, and her devotion to clinical care is inspiring.

The Clinical Practitioner Award recognizes excellence in clinical anesthesia practice.

Dr. Stéphane Moffett is a gifted educator, praised by residents and colleagues. His passion for teaching and dedication to “doing the right thing” for residents is evident to the residents and infectious for the attending staff, and even inspires others to be better teachers. His passion for teaching is evident in the amount of time he has spent developing teaching modules for the competency by design thoracic anesthesia rotation, in addition to the depth of preparation for the core program respiratory lectures, weekly resident rounds, and daily case learning. In the clinical environment, Dr. Moffett has achieved the difficult balance elusive to many clinician educators. He is able to ensure that learners have the right amount of support in order to practice safely while at the same time challenging learners with the right amount of independence to grow as clinicians. He has the gift of being able to distill difficult concepts, leaving residents with a sense of clarity while at the same time posing questions in such a way to lead to discovery.

The Clinical Teacher Award recognizes excellence in the teaching of clinical anesthesia.

On behalf of both the CAS and the department, we congratulate both winners and thank them for their exceptional contributions to the future of our profession.

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