Human and Molecular Genetics (Collaborative)

Scientists studying DNA mutation

The Faculty of Medicine offers a collaborative program in Human and Molecular Genetics at the master's and doctoral levels. The primary graduate programs in Biochemistry (BCH), Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) and Neuroscience (NSC) collaborate in offering the specialization. The degree awarded specifies the primary program and indicates "specialization in Human and Molecular Genetics.“  Within the context of the parent graduate program (BCH, CMM, or NSC), the student selects a thesis supervisor, cross-appointed to the HMG program and undertakes a research project that encompasses some aspect of human and/or molecular genetics.

Completion of the human genome has had a profound impact through disease gene identification and diagnosis, expression profiling, elucidation of cellular circuitry and molecular networks, evolution and human migration, bioinformatics, and the generation of novel molecular tools for research. By all accounts, molecular genetics transcends all areas of biology and it will continue to influence medical research and revolutionize clinical practice as we move toward “personalized” medicine.  The ultimate goal is to train students for a career in teaching and research in an academic or private sector setting.

Dr. Doug Gray
Tel: 613-737-7700, ext. 70331

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