Current Students

Detailed information pertaining to all aspects of your life as a graduate student is found on the Office of Graduate Studies website.  For program-specific information, follow the program-specific links on the right.  Below are quick links and/or brief explanations for the main academic components that pertain to your studies:

Awards and Financial Support


The course requirements for each BCH graduate program can be found under Program at a Glance.  A complete list of BCH graduate courses can be found here.  Not all courses are offered every term. To find out which courses are offered each term, please use the uOttawa course search engine.  Make sure that you enter the Term, the Subject Code (BCH or MIC, etc.) and choose Graduate for the Year of Study. 

Support for Student Travel Awards

Funds are available to support both Conference Travel and Research Travel

Thesis Advisory Committee and Annual Reports

Transfer to the PhD

Comprehensive Exam


MED5900 – Research Project - based MSc


Graduate Student Prizes


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