Nicolas Pineault


Nicolas Pineault
Adjunct Professor, Senior Scientist, Canadian Blood Services, Centre for Innovation

BSc, Biochemistry (Laval University)
PhD, Genetics (University of British Columbia)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency

Office: 613-739-6477
Work E-mail:

Dr. Nicolas Pineault



Dr. Nicolas Pineault completed his PhD studies at the University of British Columbia in Genetics. He then pursued postdoctoral research in experimental hemato-oncology at the Terry Fox Laboratory at the British Columbia Cancer Agency. His research focused on NUP98-HOX fusion genes and included the development of a preleukemic murine transplantation model for acute myeloid leukemia. In 2004, he joined Hema-Quebec’ R&D department as a lead scientist in the cellular engineering department where he developed and optimized processes to support the ex vivo differentiation of human hematopoietic stem cells into megakaryocytes, and their maturation into platelets. In 2012, he joined the Canadian Blood Services.

Research Interests:

Dr. Nicolas Pineault’s research focus on the study of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) in the context of cell engineering and stem cell transplantation. His laboratory focuses on the use of new molecular techniques and xenotransplantation models to decipher the regulatory mechanisms regulating human HSC. The following projects are ongoing in his laboratory:

  1. Characterizing the impact of cell culture on the engraftment properties of human HSC.
  2. Development of stem cell agonist cocktails for the expansion of human HSC and, development of new gene delivery methods to HSC.
  3. Characterize the molecular mechanism regulating the self-renewal and differentiation of HSC.
  4. Optimize the quality and potency of human stem cell grafts through development research.
  5. Cryopreservation of human stem cell grafts using new cryosolutions.

Selected Publications (from 49 articles) :

  • A new DMSO-free cryosolution for stem cell grafts. Cytotherapy. 2021 (IN PRESS). Richa Kaushal, Suria Jahan and N Pineault
  • Persistence of CRISPR/Cas9 gene edited hematopoietic stem cells following transplantation: A systematic review and meta‐analysis of preclinical studies HB Maganti, AJM Bailey, AM Kirkham, R Shorr, N Pineault, DS Allan Stem cells translational medicine. 2021
  • Current and future perspectives for the cryopreservation of cord blood stem cells. Suria Jahan, Richa Kaushal, Roya Pasha, and N Pineault. Transfusion Med. Rev. 2021. Vol:325:p95-102
  • Persistence of CRISPR/Cas9 gene edited hematopoietic stem cells following transplantation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical studies. Harinad Maganti, Adrian Bailey, Aidan Kirkham, N Pineault, David S. Allan. Stem Cells Trans. Med. 2021 Vol. :
  • Insights into the hematopoietic regulatory activities of osteoblast by secretomics. Owen Hovey, Roya Pasha, Zoe Lehmann and N Pineault. Proteomics. 2020 Vol. 20:2000036.
  • Inhibition of ice recrystallization during cryopreservation of cord blood grafts improves platelet engraftment. S. Jahan, M. K. Adam , J. K. Manesia, E. Doxtator, R. N. Ben and N. Pineault. Transfusion, 2020 Vol. 60 (4): 769-778
  • Multi-laboratory assay for harmonization of enumeration of viable CD34+ and CD45+ cells in frozen cord blood units.  Antoine Lewin, Carl Simard, Diane Fournier, Gesine Koegler, Stefanie Liedtke, Heidi Helmoazzen, Mike Halpenny, N Pineault, Arun Prasath, Patrick Trépanier, Lara Ballerini, Riccardo Saccardi, Serena Urbani, Robert Sutherland, Sergio Querol, Carmen Azqueta Molluna, Cynthia Therrien, Isabelle Louis, Sonia Néron. Cytotherapy, 2020. Vol 22 (1): 44-51
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  • Advances in umbilical cord blood stem cell expansion and clinical translation. N. Pineault and Ahmad Abu-Khader. Exp. Hematol. 2015 Vol 43: 498-513.
  • Co-transplantation of ex vivo expanded progenitors with non-expanded cord blood cells improves platelet recovery. H. Émond, L. Boyer, D-C Roy and N. Pineault. Stem Cells and Development. 2012 Vol 21, issue 17:3209-3219.
  • Mild Hyperthermia Promotes and Accelerates Development of Erythroid Cells. F K Tounkara, N. Dumont, S. Fournier, L. Boyer, P. Nadeau and N. Pineault. Stem Cells and Development. 2012 Vol 21, issue 17:3197-3208.
  • Individual and synergistic cytokine effects controlling the expansion of cord blood CD34+ cells and megakaryocyte progenitors in culture. N. Pineault, V Cortin, L Boyer, A Garnier, A Robert, Cynthia Therien, Denis-Claude Roy.  Cytotherapy. 2011; 11 (4): 467-480.
  • Glycoprotein Ibα receptor instability is associated with loss of quality of platelets produced in culture. A. Robert, L. Boyer and N. Pineault. Stem Cells Dev. 2011; 20 (3) 379-390.
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  • Differential and common leukemogenic potentials of multiple NUP98-Hox fusion genes alone or with Meis1. Nicolas Pineault, Carolina Abramovich, Hideaki Ohta and R. Keith Humphries Mol Cell Biol. 2004 Mar;24(5):1907
  • Induction of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in mice by the human leukemia - specific fusion gene NUP98 - HOXD13 in concert with Meis1. N. Pineault, C. Buske, M. Feuring – Buske, C. Abramovich, P. D. Aplan, D. E. Hogge, and R. K. Humphries Blood 2003 June 1;(101):4529



Fields of Interest

  • Stem cells
  • Development of blood cells
  • Molecular and cellular regulation of hematopoiesis
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cellular therapies
  • Microbiology
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