Dr. Mathieu Lavallée-Adam receives the 2017 Polanyi Prizes

Publié le jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Dr. Mathieu Lavallée-Adam is one of the five young researchers who received the 2017 PolanyiPrize in recognition of his exceptional research in the fields of chemistry.Dr. Lavallée-Adamisassistant professor with the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology (BMI), and is also a member of the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology (OISB). He now leads his own lab in developing computational methods to help understand cellular mechanisms and disease processes, a field known as bioinformatics.

Learn more about this award and thecontribution of Dr. Lavallée-Adam to the biomedical research here.

Official announcement from the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

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