Yevgeniya Le

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Yevgeniya Le
Professeure auxiliaire, gestionnaire de programme, santé, sécurité et environnement, CANDU Owners Group

BSc, chimie et BSc biochimie et biologie moléculaire, Université de la Colombie-Britannique (2004)
PhD, Pathologie et médecine de laboratoire, Université de la Colombie-Britanniquea (2010)
Bourse de recherche postdoctorale, Société canadienne du sang (2012)
Bourse de recherche postdoctorale, Énergie atomique du Canada limitée et Institut de recherche de l’Hôpital d’Ottawa (2014)

Bureau : 416-595-1888 poste 5189
Courriel professionnel :

Dr. Yevgeniya Le


Actuellement, le Dr Le n'accepte pas les candidatures de stagiaires ou d'étudiants diplômés.

Research Interests

Dr. Le’s past research activities included studies on the effects of radiation on biological systems, specifically stem cells (SC), cancer stem cells (CSC); SC/CSC niches/microenvironment and implications in cancer development, progression, metastasis and therapy-resistance. 

While working as a Research Scientist at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd. and later, as a Section Head of Basic and Translational Radiobiology, Dr. Le’s laboratory focused on the following projects: 1) studying effects of chronic and acute low-dose beta and gamma radiation on development, progression and metastasis of mammary cancer in transgenic in vivo mouse models; 2) studying effects of low-dose radiation on stem cell function and regenerative capacity; and 3) development of pharmaceutical radioprotectants for high-dose radiation exposures.

Currently, Dr. Le is holding a Program Manager position at CANDU Owners Group where she oversees a program responsible for undertaking R&D activities on behalf of international nuclear utilities.  She has under her purview R&D projects in the areas of radiobiology, environmental sciences, nuclear waste management, radiation protection, dosimetry and others. 


  1. Juliana Barrera-Hernandez, Jessie R. Lavoie, Mitchell Sabloff, Marjorie Brand, Michael Rosu-Myles, Yevgeniya Le*, David Allan*.  Micro RNA profiling of exosomes from marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: implications in leukemogenesis.  Stem Cell Reviews and Reports.  In press, 2017.
  2. Yevgeniya Le, Wendy M. Toyofuku and Mark D. Scott.  Immunogenicity of murine mPEG-red blood cells and the risk of anti-PEG antibodies in human blood donors.  Journal of Experimental Hematology, 47:36-47 e.2, 2017.
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  4. Priya Chandran, Yevgeniya Le, Yuhua Li, Mitchell Sabloff, Jelica Mehic, Michael Rosu-Myles, David S. Allan.  Mesenchymal stromal cells from patients with acute myeloid leukemia have altered capacity to expand differentiated hematopoietic progenitors.  Leukemia Research, 39 (5), 486-493 (2015).
  5. Celine Akyurekli, Yevgeniya Le, Richard B. Richardson, Dean Fergusson, Jason Tay, David S. Allan.  A systematic review of preclinical studies on the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stromal cell-derived microvesicles.  Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 11, 150-160 (2015).
  6. Richard B. Richardson, David S. Allan, Yevgeniya Le. Greater organ involution in highly proliferative tissues associated with the early onset and acceleration of ageing in humans.  Experimental Gerontology, 55, 80-91 (2014).
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  8. Dana L. Kyluik, Troy C. Sutton, Yevgeniya Le and Mark Scott. Chapter 7:  Polymer-Mediated Broad Spectrum Antiviral Prophylaxis: Utility in High Risk Environments.  In: Progress in Molecular and Environmental Bioengineering-From Analysis and Modeling to Technology Applications (Editor: Carpi, A.) Intech, ISBN 978-953-307-268-5. pp. 167-190 (2011).
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  10. Jayachandran N. Kizhakkedathu, Johan Janzen, Yevgeniya Le, Rajesh K. Kainthan, Donald E. Brooks.  Poly(oligo(ethylene glycol)acrylamide) brushes by surface initiated polymerization:  Effect of macromonomer chain length on brush growth and protein adsorption from blood plasma.  Langmuir 25, 3794-3801 (2009).
  11. Po Ying Yeh, Yevgeniya Le, Jayachandran N. Kizhakkedathu, Mu Chiao.  An investigation of vibration-induced protein desorption mechanism using a micromachined membrane and PZT plate.  Biomedical Microdevices 10 (5), 701 (2008).
  12. Johan Janzen, Yevgeniya Le, Jayachandran N. Kizhakkedathu and Donald E. Brooks.  Plasma protein adsorption to surfaces grafted with dense homopolymer and copolymer brushes containing poly(N-isopropylacrylamide).  Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition 15 (9), 1121-1135 (2004).


Champs d'intérêt

  • Recherche et développement nucléaire
  • Radiobiologie
  • Recherche sur les rayonnements à faible dose
  • Recherche sur le cancer
  • Biochimie
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