Winners of the BMI Awards and the Science Illustration Contest

Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017


Dr. John Baenziger accepting a award from Dr. Daniel Figeys

Dr. Baenziger and Dr. Figeys


The Denis Williamson Teaching Award

This year’s recipient is: Dr. John Baenziger 

The Dennis Williamson Teaching Award 2017 is being awarded to Dr. John Baenziger for his outstanding contributions at all levels of teaching - as course coordinator and outstanding lecturer in undergraduate and graduate courses, in recognition of his dedication to students as director of the Biochemistry Graduate Program, for his contributions as member of the FGPS program evaluation committee, and as Chair of the Undergraduate Biochemistry program for many years.




The Michael W. McBurney Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistant Award

Dr. Daniel Figeys, Dr. Shawn Beug and Dr. Robert Korneluk

Dr. Figeys, Dr. Beug and Dr. Korneluk


This year’s recipient is: Dr. Shawn Beug from Dr. Robert Korneluk’s lab

This year’s Michael McBurney postdoctoral award is going to Dr. Shawn Beug. Dr. Beug is a Research Associate in Robert Korneluk’s lab where he works on IAPs (inhibitors of apoptosis). He has an outstanding publication track record. Since starting in Dr. Korneluk’s lab, he has published 2 first-author research papers, 2 reviews and 1 commentary. Dr. Beug is also a co-author on 5 additional research papers. His recent first-author publications are in Nature Biotechnology and Nature Communications.



Dr. Daniel Figeys, Alaa Ali and Dr. Seung-Hwan Lee

Dr. Figeys, Alaa Ali and Dr. Lee


The Syed Sattar PhD Student Award

This year’s recipient is: Alaa Ali from Dr. Seung-Hwan Lee’s lab

Alaa began his MSc in 2013 in Dr. Seung-Hwan Lee’s laboratory and transferred to the PhD program in 2015. His research focuses on the function of the Gata3 transcription factor in Natural Killer cell development. His careful experimentation and passion for discovery has already led to a first author paper, three collaborative publications and a review article. 


The Syed Sattar MSc Student Awards

This year we have a tie.

The first recipient is Amelia Aitken from Dr. John Bell’s Lab.

Amelia began her MSc in 2015 in Dr. John Bell’s laboratory and her research focused on testing the hypothesis that inhibiting RNA interference which will enhance the killing of cancer cells by oncolytic viruses. While completing her MSc research, she has published a review article, and has been a co-author on two papers from her undergraduate laboratory at University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Figeys, Matt Michalicka and Dr. Korneluk

Dr. Figeys, Matt Michalicka and Dr. Korneluk


The second recipient is Matt Michalicka from Dr. Robert Korneluk’s Lab.

Matt began his MSc in August 2016 in Dr. Robert Korneluk’s laboratory where he is testing whether a combination immunotherapy will synergize in treating aggressive neuroblastoma. Although this project is still just beginning, Matt has demonstrated persistence in tackling conceptual and experimental challenges in his project. His undergraduate honour’s research at the Canadian Blood Services led to co-authorship on a recently accepted manuscript. 




Dr. Daniel Figeys and Dr. Hiba Komati

Dr. Figeys and Dr. Komati


The winners of the First Edition of the BMI Science Illustration Contest are:

1st place: Dr. Hiba Komati, Research Associate from Dr. Mona Nemer’s lab. 

Illustration: Making stronger cardiomyocytes with cardiac protein PEX1

2nd place: Sean Stephenson from Dr. Adam Rudner’s lab.

Illustration: Remembering Change

3rd place: Shirley Qiu from Dr. Marceline Côté’s lab.

Illustration: Ebola stuck in traffic




You can see the winning illustrations here! Thank you for your participation and remember that the we now accept your Science Illustrations for the Second Edition of our contest.  Visit the webpage for more details.


Congratulations to all winners!

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