Travel Awards for Conference Participation

  • Please submit all documents to Blanche Dinelle by e-mail or in person to Room (RGN3206)
  • Complete the Pre-approval of Travel Expenses form before attending the conference
  • You may also apply for a Travel Grant with the Graduate Awards Office if you are presenting a publication/poster and if you qualify as per the requirements listed on the Graduate studies website
  • Conference Travel Grant Application:
    • At least 10 business days prior to travelling, the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office requires you to complete the Conference Travel Grants form. Download the form that corresponds with your status
    • Complete the first page of the Application for a Travel Grant
    • Get your Supervisor to complete the second page, provide a recommendation, and indicate his/her financial contribution towards the travel
    • Sign and date the form;
    • Obtain Supervisor’s signature
    • Provide supporting documentation for travel grant including written confirmation that your publication/poster has been accepted at the conference and abstract of your presentation with the official authors list; e-mail or bring the forms to Blanche Dinelle along with the Pre-approval of Travel expense form
    • Please note: Blanche will obtain the Program Director’s signature & financial contribution approval (if applicable) and forward a complete package to the Graduate Studies office
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