Félicitations au Dr Arezu Jahani-Asl, qui a reçu le Fonds des leaders FCI : John R. Evans Leaders Fund pour soutenir ses recherches dans le cadre de la Chaire de recherche du Canada!

Publié le vendredi 25 février 2022

Neural stem cells (NSCs) give rise to the diverse cell populations of the developing brain and contribute to plasticity and regeneration in the adult brain. Misregulation of NSCs leads to devastating brain diseases including aggressive brain cancers and neurodevelopmental disorders. Identification and targeting of the signalling pathways that alter stem cell fate in the diseased brain is emerging as a promising avenue for developing novel therapeutic strategies for these diseases. Dr. Jahani-Asl’s research program employs cutting-edge technologies and state-of art disease modeling platforms to define the underlying molecular mechanisms that dictate stem cell fate specification leading to a) genesis of malignant stem cells in glioblastoma tumors, and b) misregulation of neural stem cell in neurodevelopmental disorders. This research facilitates the design of novel pharmacological agents to suppress these key pathways for a patient-tailored therapeutic approach.

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