CMM Poster Printing

For students and staff who require to have their posters printed, please fill out the following form in Google Docs:

Poster printing request form

POSTER PRINTING POLICIES (Please read carefully)

Poster printing requests must be submitted at least three (3) days before the required pick-up date. During peak periods, it is recommended to allow a minimum of five (5) business days;
Poster backgrounds must be white;
Poster cannot exceed 10 megabyte in size;
Please check your poster carefully for formatting or mistakes before uploading your final draft/poster. There will be no reprints;
Poster size is limited by the size of the printer. One side of the poster must not exceed 36” (91.44 cm);
Documents must be in PowerPoint or PDF only;
For statistical purposes, students are required to specify their academic rank: Undergraduate, MSc, PhD, PDF, other;
Students must provide a working email address to be contacted once poster is ready for pickup;
We thank you very much for your cooperation.
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