CMM Poster Printing

For students and staff who require to have their posters printed, please send an email to Marie-Florence Lafontant



  • Posters will be printed on a first come first serve basis;
  • Poster printing is free. However, there are no reprints. It is Important that you ensure there are no mistakes on your poster;
  • We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to send us your poster to print! While the department will do its best to meet your deadline for printing, allow at least 5 working days of lead time before the poster is required as a minimum;
  • Poster background must be white. Please check your poster carefully before printing. We will not reprint the poster as it is not cost efficient;
  • Poster size must be: 36” x 48” or smaller. The paper we use is 36” high, hence we cannot exceed this measurement.Check your poster carefully before printing!
  • We only accept POWERPOINT files as the printer we use will most likely stall when we use other formats such as .pdf;
  • Students are required to provide their lab affiliations, that is, CMM, NSC, OHRI etc;
  • For statistical purposes, students are required to specify their academic rank: UROP, M.Sc., PhD, PDF;
  • Students must provide a working email to be contacted once the job is done. 

We thank you very much for your cooperation.

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