Course Registration

Graduate students in CMM are required to complete two graduate level courses of which one must be from CMM. Courses from any other program at the Faculty (BCH, MIC, NSC) are allowed without special permission.

A minimum grade of C+ is required in each course (including extra courses) to obtain the degree. A student who fails a course at the graduate level must either repeat it or take another course to complete the academic requirements for the program. A student who has two failures on the record of his master's or doctoral program is withdrawn from the program.

    Things that you may have to do: 

    • Approve your students participation in a course from a program outside of the Faculty of Medicine
    • Approve a request to take a course outside of the program (see below)

    If a student wishes to take a uOttawa course that is not required by the graduate program, there are a few options available:

    • They can ADD courses to their program. Graduate students may register for courses in addition to the minimum required for the degree, provided they have the prior approval of their supervisor and graduate program (academic unit). These courses become part of the student's program. Any failures in the courses recognized for credit in a program count as failures in the program. There are no additional fees for this option. This option is useful when a student is admitted to a graduate program but lacks the necessary theoretical background. Before undertaking graduate-level courses, this student may have to complete an upper-level BCH or TMM course.
    • A student who wishes to take a course not recognized as part of his program of study must obtain prior approval from his academic unit and pay the appropriate additional fees.
    • They can AUDIT the course. With the permission of the course coordinator, they can participate in a course but will not be graded.

    Graduate Course enrolment

    If you are the coordinator of a graduate-level course, you can check the enrolment in your course by contacting or through uoAccess. If enrolment is less than 3 students, you can request to cancel the course. To do so, you must first contact the Graduate Program Director, who will seek the necessary approvals. You may be asked to convert your course into a Directed Studies course.

    Directed Studies

    If a graduate-level course you are coordinating is cancelled due to low enrolment, you may choose or be asked to convert the course into a Directed Studies course. Directed Studies courses are also great ways to gain knowledge in areas of research that are more specialized. A student may take up to one Directed Studies course during their studies.

    To supervise a Directed Studies course, you must complete a Directed Studies Approval Form. You must:

    • Justify the need for the Directed studies
    • Provide a description of the course, including the material to be covered, the evaluation strategy, the deadlines and the evaluators (it is always best to have several examiners in case a conflict arises).
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