Responsibilities of the Supervisor

  1. Assist the student in the formulation of the thesis research project
  2. Provide a stipend to the student. The Faculty of Medicine has a minimum stipend policy guaranteeing that you will provide a minimum of $17,500 per year for MSc candidates and $19,000 per year for PhD students. Stipend payment* is mandatory for a minimum of two years for a MSc and a minimum of four years for a PhD Should a supervisor run out of funding and become unable to provide the minimum stipend, the Program Director must be informed without delay. Note that this is a minimum stipend, and some affiliated research institute policies may require you to pay more. In all circumstances, you must provide the minimum salary and attest to this by completing the Disclosure of Graduate Student Stipend Support form.
  3. Ensure research progress
  4. Provide academic mentorship by providing timely feedback on TAC reports to be sent to the committee and comprehensive exam research proposals
  5. Provide feedback on research performance. This should be provided informally as often as required, and formally in the  Annual Research Progress Report . Annual reports are evaluated by the Graduate Program Director and the FGPS and is kept on file. Permission to continue to register in the program will depend on a satisfactory report.

*The stipend is a soft-funded research bursary, meaning that the funds used to support graduate students are provided by grant finding from external agencies (Within the university, you must complete a Request for Scholarship or Bursary for (B-form) and an Offer of Soft-funded Research Bursary form). Soft-funded research bursaries come with rules, and must be respected by all professors supervising graduate students regardless of whether the contracts for stipends are managed by uOttawa or an affiliated research institute (including holiday policies for example). Please read Policy 110a – Graduate Students Holding Soft-Funded Research Bursary

PLEASE NOTE: Supervisors expecting to be absent from the University for an extended period of time (that is one month or more) are responsible either for making suitable arrangements with the student and Graduate Program for the continued supervision of the student, or for requesting that the academic unit appoint another supervisor. Such arrangements must be communicated to the FGPS before the supervisor leaves the University.

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