Travel Awards for Conference Participation

Please submit all documents to Blanche Dinelle by e-mail or in person to Room (RGN3206)
Please see below the Travel Grant options for Graduate students and the attached check list.


Program Director:


M.Sc. students are allowed a total of $1,000.00 during their program. Ph.D. students are allowed a total of $2,000.00, but not exceeding $1,000.00/year.


Graduate studies

  • Master's with thesis: up to $550
  • PhD and fast-track: up to $800






Following travel, you must fill out the appropriate University of Ottawa’s Travel Reimbursement Request Form for the conference you attended.This form should include your total costs along with boarding passes and original receipts. 

Submit your Travel Reimbursement Request Form and all supporting documents to Blanche Dinelle in room RGN 3206.  

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