Travel Awards for Conference Participation

*Please submit all documents to Blanche Dinelle by e-mail or in person: 850, Peter Morand cr. (room 102B) Ottawa ON. K1G 5Z3


Please see below the Travel Grant options for Graduate students and the attached check list.

For Program Directors: please fill out the preapproval expense form.

Download and complete the Request for Authorization to Travel form and submit by e-mail to Blanche Dinelle. To access the form please click here.

M.Sc. students are allowed a total of $1,000.00 during their program. Ph.D. students are allowed a total of $2,000.00, but not exceeding $1,000.00/year.

Graduate studies

For more information on the Conference travel grant, please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral studies conference travel grant webpage.

  • Master's with thesis: up to $550
  • PhD and fast-track: up to $800



For more information on the Individual Academic Project fund, please visit the GSAED webpage.



For more information regarding the CUPE 2626 Conference Fund, please visit their webpage.

I will obtain the Program Director’s signature & financial contribution approval (if applicable) and forward a complete package to the Graduate Studies office, for final approval.

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