Chantal Matar


Chantal Matar
Cross-Appointed Member, Professor

BSc, Medical Laboratory Sciences, The Lebanese University
PhD, Food Sciences and Technology, Laval University

Room: Roger Guindon Hall, room 2057
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 8322
Work E-mail:

Dr. Chantal Matar


Prior to joining the Faculty of Health Sciences, Chantal Matar worked for several years, as a professor of biochemistry, at the University of Moncton. During that time, She successfully implemented a long term research program by partnering with different stakeholders at national and international levels. Her expertise is focused on research related to nutrition/immunology/cancer and establishing the role of peptides and probiotics on mucosal and tumoral immunity.  Many aspects of the research involve in vivo assessing of immunomodulatory substances in murin model and studying immunosurveillance against tumours and mucosal infections. Her lab is also specialized in analysing biopeptide-mediated immune modulation in mucosal immunity, chemoprevention of mammary carcinoma and studying the molecular pathways involved in the immunopotentiating effect. She possesses 75 scientific communications, including peer review papers and invited presentations. She was named life member of the International Union against Cancer fellows, after being awarded a fellowship to collaborate with International Agency for Research on Cancer, a specialized agency of the World Health Organisation.

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