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A.	Logo of uOttawa Centre for Infection, Immunity and Inflammation represented by a hand holding a macrophage

Chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases that have no lasting cures are highly complex, involving multi-faceted gene-environment interactions and substantial cross-talk between different biological systems. A comprehensive approach is therefore needed that encompasses the expertise of scientists from diverse disciplines working together on a given disease. The objective of The Centre for Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (CI3) is to bring together basic and clinical scientists having different but complementary expertise in order to tackle complex research questions associated with infectious and/or inflammatory conditions. This includes scientists from various biological disciplines such as Immunology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Pathology, who have diverse research expertise, unique experimental models and approaches, with the common goal of developing solutions for infectious/inflammatory diseases.

The interplay between genetics and the environment has made Canada a region with the highest world-wide incidence of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.  Added to this is our climate, which necessitates a life-style that favors an increased rate of infections during prolonged winters. The burden of infectious and chronic inflammatory diseases has increased with ageing of the population and is putting increased demand on the Canadian health-care system.  A comprehensive, multi-dimensional understanding of the pathogenesis of such diseases, coupled with the identification of unique targets that can be exploited for therapeutic benefit is therefore necessary.

Our research centre was established in 2017, and our objectives are to: 1) develop new collaborative, innovative and multi-disciplinary research projects that are aimed at understanding the mechanisms of inflammation that underline various chronic diseases, 2) to develop collaborative projects that are aimed at knowledge translation and dissemination, and 3) to create a platform for cross-disciplinary research training for undergraduate and graduate students that are enrolled at uOttawa.

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