Research themes

Cells with nucleus in blue (DAPI) and the cytoskeletal structure in red
  • Obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular inflammation
    Dr. Zemin Yao, Dr. Katey Rayner, Dr. Morgan Fullerton, Dr. Peter Liu, Dr. Alex Sorisky, Dr. Mary-Ellen Harper, Dr. Xiaohui Zha, Dr. Alex Stewart, Dr Steffany Bennett.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and gut inflammation
    Dr. Alain Stintzi, Dr. Daniel Figeys, Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, Dr. Subash Sad.
  • HIV infection
    Dr. Jonathan Angel, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Marc-Andre Langlois, Dr. Jim Sun, Dr. Angela Crawley, Dr. Edana Cassoll, Dr. Ann Jolly.
  • Sepsis
    Dr. Duncan Stewart, Dr. Lauralyn MacIntyre, Dr. William Stanford, Dr. Caryn Ito, Dr. Subash Sad
  • Cystic fibrosis
    Dr. Shawn Aaron, Dr. Thien-Fah Mah, Dr. Subash Sad, Dr. Rees Kassen, Dr. Alex Wong
  • Viral hepatitis
    Dr. John Pezacki, Dr. Curtis Cooper, Dr. Angela Crawley and Dr. Seung-Hwan Lee
  • Neuroinflammation
    Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, Dr. Steffany Bennett and Dr. Subash Sad
  • Genomics and systems biology of infection and inflammation
    Dr. Alexandre Blais, Dr. Jean-Francois Couture, Dr. Alain Stintzi, Dr. Daniel Figeys, Dr. Jim Sun and Dr. Subash Sad
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