CETS Room Maps

Effective Immediately: New Procedures in place for Common Equipment & Technical Services (CETS)

All requests for technical support must be directed to our email address: techsupp@uottawa.ca. If you require urgent assistance, you can phone our pager number (613-719-0317). Enter your phone number when prompted and your call will be returned by one of our technicians.

Common Equipment

All of our common equipment rooms have new signs posted at them, which note maximum occupancy per room and physical distancing guidelines. Please read these before entering the room, to ensure that you are in compliance with the guidelines. You may need to wait for a user to exit before you can enter the room. If duplicate equipment items are available, the signs note the room numbers in which they’re located.

Ethanol and paper towels are provided in all common equipment rooms, and users are asked to decontaminate equipment before and after use. Users are also reminded to wash their hands before and after using common equipment (hand sanitizer will be available in rooms that do not have sinks).

Some equipment items have been moved, to optimize spacing and facilitate user access:

• BioRad ZOE fluorescent cell imager (from 3156 to 3157)
• Countess II FL cell counter (from 3156 to 3157)
• Spectrophotometer (from 3156 to 3157)
• BioRad Chemidoc MP (from 3156 to 3165)
• Nanodrop (from 3502 to 3162)
• MagNA Lyser (from 4176 to 3162)

Please click on the room numbers below to view the same maps that are posted at each common equipment rooms.

2nd floor: 2210, 2541

3rd floor: 3121, 3156, 3157, 3162, 3165, 3174, 3203, 3226, 3502, 3520

4th floor: 4124, 4176, 4258, 4262


Glasswashing & Autoclave Services

To minimize trips to/from the facility by individual labs, we will resume pickup and delivery of glassware. Please have items ready at a designated location in your lab and maintain a safe physical distance from our staff when they enter your lab space. If it is not a good time for them to enter the lab, just let them know.

A map of the autoclave facility is attached here – please note the new policies that we have put in place to optimize the safety of our staff.

Doors have been labelled to indicate that there is NO ENTRY to the autoclave facility. Users are no longer permitted to cut through the rooms as a shortcut to their labs or the ice machine, and biohazard bags cannot be brought directly into the room.

New procedures:

• Items to be washed and/or sterilized must now be left in the room behind the 4th floor elevator (use the door to the right of the elevator).

• Washed/sterilized items can be picked up from the shelves in the hallway just across from the front door of the facility.

• Labelled biohazard bags can be deposited in the large gray bins that will be left behind the elevator on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors every day from 10 am – 3 pm. If the bin is not there, DO NOT leave bags on the floor (bring them the next day instead).

• Out-of-hours autoclave use is still permitted, for trained users. Please decontaminate the equipment after use with the ethanol and paper towels provided in the room. A sink is available to wash your hands.

• Use of the washer/dryer is now limited to out-of-hours only (no entry to the room from 8am – 4pm). Please decontaminate the equipment after use with the ethanol and paper towels provided in the room. A sink is available to wash your hands.

All of these changes are summarized on the map of 4201/4173

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