Common Equipment and Technical Service (CETS)

The Common Equipment and Technical Core (CETC) is operated by a team of four Technical Officers who are committed to providing quality technical assistance to Faculty members and research personnel within the Faculty of Medicine, primarily for the departments of BMI, CMM. The CETC encompasses infrastructure; optimizes technical resources; provides technical service and aims to manage and maintain Common Equipment at its optimal level of performance, located within the departments of BMI and CMM. The CETC makes every effort to provide continued support to meet the research needs of investigators and students alike.

The CETC is a combination of three elements aiming at supporting the Research Community of the Faculty of Medicine at Roger Guindon Hall:

  1. The Technical Core Services, which refer to technical assistance and services provided by the technical staff;
  2. The Common Equipment Core, which refers to numerous shared pieces of scientific equipment;
  3. And the CETCC, which refers to the Committee of principal investigators and technical officers who advise and vote to support changes, improvements and inclusion of new equipment to the CETC.

The CETC benefits all laboratories within Faculty of Medicine because most labs do not own some of the basic and/or technologically advanced equipment that constitute the framework of the CETC. Operating and maintaining a Common Equipment Core, with ‘shared’ equipment that is in a state of operational readiness and peak performance, is essential to the efficiency and success of every principal investigator and laboratory member. Researchers depend and rely on the optimal functionality of these common scientific instruments and have learned to appreciate the wide variety of equipment that is well maintained, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain these pieces within individual labs.

The CETC provides an Online Booking System for the convenience of research personnel. The system allows users to coordinate the use of Common Equipment and ensure the availability of scientific instruments while planning experimental protocols. It is particularly important in monitoring the usage of high-demand and frequently used equipment. The majority of Common Equipment is listed in the Online Booking System, however, some instruments are ‘shared’ but do not need to be reserved. Refer to the Common Equipment List of the CETC website for reservation status of Common Equipment.

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