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The outstanding success of these facilities is evidenced by the high demand for Core services, with many running at or near capacity. The Director of each Core sits on the Faculty of Medicine’s (Core Facility Leaders Team), which works to standardize operational and financial procedures, optimize human and financial resources, and ensure sustainability of all Faculty of Medicine Cores. This group also acts as a liaison between the research community and Research Office, provides recommendations regarding budget distribution amongst cores, and provides leadership on the development and implementation of new policies and formation/expansion of new and existing cores. Together, our Core Leaders have made tremendous progress in the management of these important research enterprises thereby providing critical services at a minimal cost to researchers and fostering innovation and discovery across the University of Ottawa research community. In addition to supporting research excellence, these Cores provide invaluable skills and experience to Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Trainees, which can then be applied in future research endeavors and/or brought to the workforce.

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