Booking Information

  1. In order to request to use the facility please contact the Behaviour Core at . We will be in contact within 2 days to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.
  2. There are three types of service:
    • Core Staff Performed Research in which trained Core staff perform all aspects of behavioural testing and data analysis. The Core staff will book the tests through consultation with you.
    • Direct Supervision for use of the Core during training or with direct supervision of Core staff. The Core staff will book the tests through consultation with you.
    • Indirect Supervision for independent use of the facility after adequate training. Normally, users initially conduct experiments and analyze data with direct supervision. When Core staff has deemed the user competent to work independently, users can conduct their experiments with assistance from a core staff only as needed. Users will sign up for testing via a calendar that they will be given access to.
  3. We can help you prepare for grant submissions to include behavioural testing. Please email us with your request and we can provide you with literature and budgets.
  4. All testing must obtain prior approval through the Animal Care Committee and ACVS. We have standardized protocols for every test and you can refer to these in your protocol submissions.
    For users from outside of RGH we can assist in preparation of protocols and also transfer of animals.
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