Bioinformatics Core Facility

Bioinformatics Core Facility Main Picture

We are a core facility of the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. We provide advice on bioinformatics research design, conduct bioinformatics analysis, provide data warehousing services, and provide support for grant proposals that involve bioinformatics (including conducting pilot studies, support/collaboration letters, methodological text, etc.)

Our areas of greatest expertise are:

  • High-throughput sequencing
  • Microarrays
  • Genomic sequence/motif analysis
  • Integration of multiple data sources
  • Network analysis

We have experience with many other types of bioinformatics, and/or can refer you to other local experts, depending on your needs. We can also help to arrange for the analysis of your biological samples with local core facilities such as StemCore, the Proteomics Resource Center, or the OHRI Mass Spectrometry Core Facility.

Our fees are $80/hr for OHRI and University of Ottawa clients, $110/hr for external clients.

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