Cell Biology and Image Acquisition

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Due to some windows update we lost the "Medmap" tool on our workstation to connect to the Research drive.

New instructions here:

How to map Research drive manually.mp4


Wednesday Lunch'N Learn

Every Wednesday we organize a Lunch'N Learn, in order to connect to the Teams meeting click here or scan QR codes posted in our rooms.

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Publishers unite to tackle doctored images in research papers and Check the guide about Image integrity

Creating Clear and Informative Image-based Figures for Scientific Publications

Effective image vizualization for publications

Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy

Sharper signals: how machine learning is cleaning up microscopy images

The hunt for red fluorescet proteins


Reproducibility and Metadata

New Microscopy Specialist at CBIA core!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ian Blum as the new Microscopy and Imaging specialist at the CBIAcore.

Ian earned his PhD in neuroscience at McGill University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University working on calcium imaging in astrocytes. Ian is an experienced and highly-qualified microscopist with a specialty in multi-photon imaging.

We thank Skye McBride and Redaet Daniel for all their work with the core and wish them all the best with their new pursuits.

Ian Blum, PhD

[Dr. Ian Blum]

Light Microscopy webinar series by Global BioImaging & ZEISS Microscopy



New booking and billing system: Infinity from Idea Elan

Schedule a reservation on Infinity website.

Infinity Help” session via Teams 12PM-1PM until Tuesday July 13th


LSM800 New Objective 25x Multi-immersion!

The new objective 25x is a glycerine immersion objective will allow to image organoids, spheroids and thick tissue on the confocal LSM800.

If you think you have an application for it, feel free to contact cbiacore@uottawa.ca

New 25x Gly objective

New resources available on our website! The new Observer7 with Apotome2

When antibodies mislead: the quest for validation

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"Following Story" at Facmed devoted to CBIA core: "Not just a pretty picture"

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