Re-Opening of the CBIA core
Information CBIA core Phase 2 rules (pdf, 83 KB)

Cell Biology and Image Acquisition

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Response of the CBIA core to COVID-19 situation.

The safety of our community is our priority.

Since re-opening, all microscope rooms in the CBIA core facility are supplied with hand sanitizer; keyboards and microscope controls are wrapped for sanitation; and ethanol spray bottles are in place to disinfect equipment before and after use.

The CBIA core has taken a number of steps to separate microscopes and computer workstations that are in shared physical spaces to improve access and safety.

  1. The Zeiss AxioImager M2 has been re-located from room 3142 to room 3228 to separate it from the AxioObserver Z1. This will provide enhanced and separate access to both microscopes.
  2. Similarly, Image Analysis Workstation 1 has been re-located to room 3122 to allow separate access to this computer and facilitate physically distanced access to the two workstations remaining in room 3140.
  3. We are also awaiting installation of plexiglass shielding to separate the adjacent LSM880 and LSM800 confocal microscopes in room 3140.

Please feel free to let us know of any questions or concerns about core access.

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