Re-Opening of the CBIA core
Information CBIA core Phase 2 rules (pdf, 83 KB)

Cell Biology and Image Acquisition

What's new?

Light Microscopy webinar series by Global BioImaging & ZEISS Microscopy


New booking and billing system: Infinity from Idea Elan

To book an instrument or request training go to:

  • Internal User (with uottawa email) Login URL

  • External Users (OHRI, CHEO, Carleton, UOHI, ....) Login URL


Infinity Help” session via Teams 12PM-1PM until Tuesday July 13th



CBIA core is hiring!

We are seeking a highly skilled imaging specialist for the Cell Biology and Imaging Analysis (CBIA) core facility at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Ottawa. For more details about the job description (pdf, 30.89 KB)

Picture of an objective illuminated by UV light.

LSM800 New Objective 25x Multi-immersion!

The new objective 25x is a glycerine immersion objective will allow to image organoids, spheroids and thick tissue on the confocal LSM800.

If you think you have an application for it, feel free to contact

New 25x Gly objective

New resources available on our website! The new Observer7 with Apotome2

When antibodies mislead: the quest for validation

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"Following Story" at Facmed devoted to CBIA core: "Not just a pretty picture"

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