Leica DMI 6000B [Dr. K Baetz and Dr. I Skerjanc, RGN 4502]

  • Microscope
    • Stand model 
      Leica DMI 6000B [Inverted]
    • Capabilities 
      Epifluorescence, bright field, phase contrast, DIC, motorized polarizer/prism turret/filter system analyzer
  • Components
    • Objectives 
      10x HC Plan FL 0.3 Ph1-/D11
      20x HCX Plan FL L 0.4 Corr Ph1, 0-2/C
      40x HCX Plan FL L 0.6 Corr Ph2, 0-2/C
      40x HCX Plan Apo, 1.25-0.75 Oil 0.17/D
      63x HCX Plan Apo, 1.4-0.6 Oil C
      100x HCX Plan Apo, 1.4-0.7 Oil CS
    • Fluorophores 
      DAPI, Hoechst, Alexa405
      GFP, FITC, Cy2, Alexa488
      Rhodamine, Cy3
    • Detector 
  • Location
    • Room 
      RGN 4502
  • Contact
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