Zeiss AxioObserver.A1 [RGN 3501H]

  • Microscope
    • Stand model 
      Zeiss AxioObserver.A1 [Inverted]
    • Microscope controls 
      Manual reflector turret, objective nosepiece, condenser, and light path controls
      Manual stage control in x and y 
      Manual focus control in z
    • Capabilities 
      Epifluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast, DIC
  • Components
    • Objectives 
      10x N-AchroPlan 0.25 Ph1
      20x LD Plan-NeoFluar 0.4 Corr Ph2 DIC
      40x LD Plan-NeoFluar 0.6 Corr Ph2 DIC
    • Epifluorescence filter sets 
      Zeiss Filter Set 62 HE modified (DAPI, Hoechst, Alexa405)
      Zeiss Filter Set 38 (GFP, Cy2, Alexa488) 
      Zeiss Filter Set 45 (RFP, mCherry, Cy3.5, Alexa 568) 
      Zeiss Filter Set 46 (YFP)
    • Light sources 
      TL LED Lamp 
      X-Cite lamp
    • Detector 
      AxioCam MRm CCD (monochrome) 
      0.63x C-Mount Adapter
  • Location
    • Room 
      RGN, 3501H
  • Contact
    For training contact CBIA Core Staff


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