Zeiss AxioImager.Z1/ApoTome.2 [Dr. J Côté and Dr. J Copeland, RGN 3144]

  • Microscope
    • Stand model 
      Zeiss AxioImager.Z1 [Upright]
    • Optical sectioning 
      Zeiss ApoTome.2 provides optical sectioning using structured illumination
    • Microscope controls 
      Automated reflector turret control
      Manual objective nosepiece, condenser, and light path controls 
      Manual stage control in x and y 
      Motorized focus control in z
    • Capabilities 
      Epifluorescence, bright field, phase contrast, DIC, optical sectioning via ApoTome, Z-stack
  • Components
    • Objectives 
      5x EC Plan-NeoFluar 0.16 
      10x EC Plan-NeoFluar 0.3 Ph1 
      20x EC Plan-NeoFluar 0.5 Ph2 
      40x EC Plan-NeoFluar 0.75 DIC 
      63x Plan-Apochromat 1.4 Oil DIC 
      100x EC Plan-NeoFluar 1.3 Oil DIC
    • Epifluorescence filter sets 
      Zeiss Filter Set 49 (DAPI, Hoechst, Alexa405)
      Zeiss Filter Set 47 (CFP)
      Zeiss Filter Set 10 (GFP, FITC, Cy2, Alexa488)
      Zeiss Filter Set 46 (YFP)
      Zeiss Filter Set 31 (Rhodamine, Cy3.5)
      Zeiss Filter Set 50 (Cy5, Alexa 647)
    • Light sources 
      Halogen Lamp 
      FluoArc Mercury Lamp
    • Detector 
      AxioCam HRm (monochrome)
  • Location
    • Room 
      RGN 3144
  • Contact
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