Zeiss AxioScan

  • Microscope
    • Stand model
      Zeiss AxioScan Z1
    • Microscope controls
      Fully automated objective nosepiece, reflector turret, and light path control, Motorized in x, y , z
    • Capabilities
      Brightfield and Fluorescence slide scanning with automatic detection and autofocus.
  • Components
    • Objectives
      5x/0.25 Fluar
      10x/0.45 Plan-Apochromat
      20x/0.8 Plan-Apochromat
      40x/0.95Corr Plan-Apochromat
    • Colibri LED
      385nm, 470nm, 555nm, 590nm, 633nm
    • Epifluorescence Filter Sets
      Quad Zeiss Filter Set 90 (Dapi, FITC, Cy3, Cy5)
      Tri Zeiss Filter Set 92 (Dapi, GFP, mCherry)
      Zeiss Filter Set 49 (Dapi)
  • Location
    • Cancer Centre South Wing Room 340​​​​​​​
    • Contact
    • For training please contact CBIA Core staff
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