Zeiss AxioObserver D1

Zeiss AxioObserver D1 microscope with x-cite Boost LED


Microscope Specifications

Stand model

AxioObserver D1 [inverted]

Microscope controls

  • Fully automated reflector turret
  • Manual objective nose piece, stage control (x, y), focus control (z), condenser and light path control


Zen Blue 2.3


  • Epifluorescence imaging
  • Brightfield, phase contrast and DIC
  • Multi-channel imaging
  • Timelapse


  • 10x, 0.25 NA, Air, A-Plan (Ph1)
  • 20x, 0.80 NA, Air, Plan-Apo (DIC II)
  • 20x, 0.40 NA, Air, LD Plan NeoFluar Corr. (Ph2)
  • 40x, 0.60 NA, Air, LD Plan NeoFluar Corr. (DIC II)
  • 40x, 1.3 NA, Oil, Plan-NeoFluar (Ph3)
  • 63x, 1.4 NA, Oil, Plan-Apo (DIC III)

Light sources

  • X-Cite 120 LED Boost
  • Transmitted LED source

Blue Ex 390/22nm, FT 420nm, Em 460/50nm

Green Ex 470/40nm, FT 495nm, Em 525/50nm

Yellow Ex 500/25nm, FT 515nm, Em 535/30nm

Red Ex 560/40nm, FT 585nm, Em 630/75nm

Far Red Ex 640/30nm, FT 660nm, Em 690/50nm


AxioCam MRm CCD (monochrome)


RGN 3164A

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