Quorum Spinning Disk

Quorum inverted spinning disk confocal microscope platform in University of Ottawa CBIA Core facility
Microscope Specifications

Stand model

Leica DMI6000B [inverted]

Microscope controls

  • Fully automated objective nosepiece, reflector turret and light path control
  • Fully motorized stage (x, y) and focus control (z)
  • Manual interlock, camera selection
  • Environmental chamber control (temperature, CO2 and humidity)




  • Brightfield, DIC and epifluorescence
  • Live cell imaging
  • Confocal optical sectioning
  • Multi-channel imaging
  • Timelapse
  • Z-stack
  • Tile scanning
  • FRAP, FLIP, photo-conversion (405nm laser only)
  • 3D d-STORM


  • 20x, 0.7 NA, Air, HC Plan APO (DIC)
  • 40x, 1.3 NA, Oil, PL APO (DIC)
  • 63x, 1.4 NA, Oil, PL APO CS2 (DIC)

Light sources

  • X-Cite 120 Mercury light source
  • Halogen
  • 4 laser lines: 405nm, 490nm, 561nm, 639nm
Epifluorescence Filters sets
  • Blue Ex 360/20nm, FT 400nm, Em 425nm LP
  • Green Ex 470/40nm, FT 510nm, Em 515nm LP
  • Red 538/44nm, FT 580nm, Em 590 LP
Confocal Filters
  • Blue 460/50nm
  • Green 525/50nm
  • Red 605/52nm
  • Red 620/60nm
  • Green/Red 525/50nm, 605/90nm
  • Far Red 700/75nm


  • EM-CCD camera: Hamamatsu EM-CCD ImagEM (512x512)
  • sCMOS camera: Photometrics Prime BSI (1966x1966) [95% QE, back illuminated, 80fps]


RGN 3164B

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